Polo Shirts

What is Polo shirts

A polo shirt, also known as a golf shirt and tennis shirt, which was used at first by sport person but after time it is popular to young and adult people too because of its style and fashion trend. This type of t shirt contain 2-3 button with collar. These type of shirts are main competitor of round neck t shirt. Polo shirts are usually made of knitted cloth

polo shirts in Bangladesh

Polo Shirts in Bangladesh

Bindumart provides 180 GSM grade polo shirt in Bangladesh which can be compared with international quality. All of our polo t shirts designed by our won designer which we are selling in Bangladesh. Our Polo are very unique designed which cant be compared with other online shopping in bd. We maintain polo shirt grade and quality as well.
According to gender polo shirt cant be categories in two one is for men another is for women. Bellow we will discuss those. You can find all the polo shirts collection here which we have in our stock.

Polo shirts for men:

These type of polo shirts basically for men. Thise are large and shape is different for women polo shirts.
men polo shirts

Polo shirts for women:

These type of polo shirts are basically designed for women and these are very colorful like pink and more and size and shape are different also from the men polo shirts.
women polo shirts

Buy Polo Shirts in Bangladesh at Bindumart.com for men and women

Now you can buy polo shirt for men in bindumart. We have nice and unique collection of polo shirt for me which is now available at bindumart online shop in bd. The product we are selling you can compare with any interstitial online shop like ebay

Polo shirts quality, pricing and compare with other online shop

Basically we product all of our polo shirts from factory so there is no middle man in here so we can provide the most cheap price of polo shirts where as you can see other marketplace and online shop in Bangladesh who is taking very price and not giving good quality product . We are taking small profit and give better quality and custoer satisfaction is our priority.


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