Magic Hose Pipe

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Magic Hose Pipe

Magic hose pipe a special type of hose pipe which is portable, handy and easy to use.When water flow that magic hose pipe then immediately the size of the pipe increased.You can use for car washing, bike washing and gardening and some other purpose when you need good quality water flow.

Available size 50/150/200 Feet
Automatically enlarge when the water flow through the pipe

Use of Magic Hose Pipe

For Car Washing

You can use this to wash you car which gives you very good water flow so you can clean dirt from our car.

For bike washing

By single press of your finger can clean your bike suing magic hose piple

For Gardening

This is best for garden lover you can water tree of your garden easily

Magic hose pipe in Bangladesh

Bindumart is selling best quality magic hose pipe in Bangladesh with best prices.We are also giving home delivery service anywhere in Bangladesh.
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If you want to see how the magic hose pipe works then you can see the video of Magic Hose Pipe.

Size Of Pipe

150 Feet, 200 Feet, 75 Feet


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