What is projector

A projector is a optical could be connected with computer, smartphone or any other compatible media source which can project image or video to a white wall or projector board where it can be seen. There are many types of project according to size and mechanism. Here we will discuss all kinds or projector in Bangladesh with in detail.

Types of projector:

According to the size, mechanism and portability projector divided so all are discussed bellow

According to Size and Shape:

1 Portable projector: This portable projector can be used in mostly any purpose like classroom, presentation, to see movie in public place or cricket match,

2. Mini projector: This mini projector are mainly used in home use like watch movie, small class room to show to students

3. Pocket projector: This type of project are mostly personal use purpose only there are very simple and not recommend to use of previews two purpose. This type of projector lumens are less than previous two and can be project in small room.e

According to mechanism:

1. DLP (Digital Light Processing) Projector:

2. LCoS (Liquid Crystal on Silicon) Projector

3. LED (Light emitting diode) Projector

4. Laser projector:

Projector in Bangladesh:

Now a days DLP projector, LCD project and LED projectors are mostly available in Bangladesh. But the laser project is also available but not like others. Because other projector are mostly cheap price and affordable where newly added laser project are very much expensive. You can buy all kinds of projector in Bangladesh from bindumart. Binduamrt is one of the trusted online shop in bd where you can buy projector with guarantee and warranty.
projector in Bangladesh

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