Terms & Condition

1. Bindumart is one of the largest online shopping site which is multi vendor so anyone can join here to sell his product and any buyer can buy product or service from here.

2. Bindumart is a multi vendor marketplace where a vendor/merchant sell his product through bindumart by giving definite commission so the product is not belongs to Bindumart and Bindumart do not control of the product stock if any of your orders item is gone stock out then you need accept it till the stock it and you can cancel this order meanwhile if you want or we will cancel the order.

3. Bindumart can cancel any order anytime if Bindumart want without showing any reason to buyer

4. Bindumart can suspend any buyer and merchant account without prior any notice

5. Bindumart is not responsible for any faulty product which is provided by merchant but bindumart will take step against merchant if your product is faulty. Then we will refund the money and replace the product taking steps against merchant.

6. If you are using Bindumart.com then you must accept our terms of condition so before buy please check our terms of condition if you buy anything from us or sell anything with us then automatically you accepted our terms and condition.


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